About the Scribblaire

The Scribblaire was recently invited to accompany a friend to an event in London which triggered the idea for this blog. In the immortal words of  The O’Jays “I love music, any kind of music (just as long as its groovy)”.  The Scribblaire particularly loves live music and will pretty much go to any live event. In the last couple of years this has included things as diverse as opera, Ozzfest and a soul revue.  I jumped at the chance to go along to something that sounded a little bit different.

The event was held on 18th December in Camden. It started at 1.30 in the afternoon and included a lunch for about 80 people followed by a performance by Nerina Pallot.  Each of the 80 ‘guests’ received a personalised handwritten invitation in the post, which doubled as the event ticket. During dinner, Nerina took time to sit at each of the tables and talk to everyone.  Many of the people who had bought tickets were ‘hardcore’ fans who had been to previous events.  One person on our table of seven had even come over from America.  After dinner we went into a venue at the back of the The Forge where  the host performed a set which had been chosen online in advance by the guests. The event was original and well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed the intimate atmosphere it provided.

I would never have known about it though if my friend hadn’t bought tickets. It was this that set the Scribblaire thinking about how people find out about what’s going on and get to experience new things.  I try to go to as many events as time and finances allow, and I think it would be good to share these and to find out what other people are up to.   I don’t want the blog just to be a music blog because there’s so much else to experience.  So, whilst I will inevitably return to the subject of music (I already have a list of who and what I want to see in 2012), the subject matter of the blog will be broad and attempt to appeal to a wide audience. The things that you will always find here though are links to people, websites and information which might lead you and me to broaden our horizons, which is ultimately the Scribblaire’s aim.  If you’ve got anything you want to share, then please feel free.

The Scribblaire – Jan 2012

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