Mad March

March has been a very busy month in The Scribblaire’s cultural calendar with some interesting and exciting discoveries. 

10th March – photography taster class at Rhubard and Custard in Eton.  The Scribblaire invested in a Digital SLR last year and would very much like to use it properly!  Apart from the excellent (and free) session this small gallery showcases some interesting work, including some from past students.  The Scribblaire was most struck by the work of Maggie Jablonska, an artist who photographs her work. 

Speaking of artists, on 17th March we visited the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea.  Having set a budget and a strategy for buying several small pieces we ended up buying five pieces, including:

  • ‘Wind’ by Colin Halliday.  An oil painting on cardboard of a wild Derbyshire landscape. 
  • ‘Quiet River’ by Olga Shirokova.  A beautiful and meticulous landscape.  I’m sure we will collect more of her work.
  • ‘Crow’ by Kate Osborne. A fabulous watercolour painted with a flourish.  The style reminds me of Japanese watercolours. 
  • ‘Peer’ by Beth Richardson.  A small but bold painting which took my fancy.
  • ‘Goat’s Head’ by Richard Ballantyne.  The goat is now nicknamed ‘Battersea Billy’ and is the only piece yet to find a permanent spot in the house!

March 21st led The Scribblaire to a performance of the opera ‘Acante et Cephis’ by Rameau at The Bloomsbury Theatre.  This was the first ever performance in the UK but I confess that I left at the end of the first act!  Not my cup of tea I’m afraid. I’m assured that the format of the performance was fairly radical for its time.

On 24th March I visited the Picasso exhibition at Tate Britain.  I was anticipating that it would be good, but it exceeded all my expectations.  There were some comparisons of work with other artists including Wyndham Lewis, Henry Moore and Francis Bacon. What really blew me away was ‘Guernica’. I hadn’t expected it to be there (lack of research!) and was stunned by the impact that it had on me.  The famous ‘Three Dancers’ was also on display in a gallery all of its own.  Awesome!

25th March – The Waterboys at Hammersmith Odeon.  I had seen the Waterboys 20+ years before at the Student’s Union, University of Leeds.  They didn’t disappoint at all.  There was a mixture of old stuff and a selection of the new Album ‘An Appointment with Mr Yeats‘.  The highlight for me was the final encore of ‘Fisherman’s Blues’. 

On 26th March a friend and I went along to the Royal Academy of Arts to see if we could get into the Hockney exhibition.  The possiblity of a three hour queue didn’t appeal, so we headed over for lunch and a quick visit at the National Gallery before visiting the National Portrait Gallery next door. 

28th March saw The Scribblaire and sisters head to the O2 for an evening with The Four Tops, The Temptations, Tavares and The Crystals.  Apart from the fact that the acoustics at the O2 are pretty awful, it was a good evening.  The Crystals kicked off the evening with some oldies including ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’ and ‘And Then He Kissed Me’, followed by a short but lively set by Tavares.  The Temptations were awesome and one of the highlights for me was hearing ‘Papa was a rolling stone’ sung live.  The Four Tops closed the evening but unfortunately spent more time on a tribute to the three original band members who had died than running through their oldies.  There was one of the original band in each of the Crystals, Temptations and Four Tops, but the Temptations were by far the best and really should have been the headliners.  A great night all the same.

29th March saw a visit to the British Museum to visit the Elgin Marbles / Parthenon Sculptures (depending on your point of view – to be discussed in a future blog I’m sure). 

I also finished reading Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman, started reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and began the search for my holiday reading (recommendations gratefully received).  Tickets have been booked for Paul Simon at Hyde Park in July and tickets received for Wimbledon.

April is going to be a quiet month I think!

The Scribblaire, April 2012

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