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The Scribblaire was reflecting on the question of personality, confidence and generally embracing life – which after all is what this blog is about.   It made me think of what makes some people do ‘stuff’ and others not.  Of course, there are circumstances which mean that not everyone has the same opportunities, but in many cases it’s about choices.  There are obviously lots of people who want to make the most of their lives, hence the huge industry in ‘self help’ books. 

There are millions of these books out there in the market; some are good, others not so.  The Scribblaire recommends only three:

I’m interested in what motivates people and how we find a way towards being fulfilled (ah! Nirvana…).  The Scribblaire is definitely of the view that, in the end, we need to take responsibility for our own destiny!  With that in mind,  I am about to download ‘How to Get a Grip’ by Matthew Kimberley for some pragmatic guidance!

(Note: I’ve linked to Amazon for the book descriptions only because that’s where I generally buy my Kindle books.   These are really well-known books and can be bought from any bookshop!)

The Scribblaire April 2012


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  1. As coincidence would have it, ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ has been reissued as a 25th anniversary celebration. In an article in The Times on 9th April Helen Rumbelow argues that the book is a feminist classic, but I’m not entirely convinced.

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