Everything stops for Wimbledon ….

… at least it does in my house.  Don’t ask me to go out to the pub, work late or engage in long telephone conversations during Wimbledon fortnight, because it will interrupt one of my favourite times of the year.  The dates are pencilled out in my diary well in advance so I don’t accidentally agree to any of the above activities.

This isn’t going to be a long post because I am getting ready for my third visit to the All England Club this week.  Already I’ve seen Tsonga,Hewitt, Murray, Nadal, Sharapova and Fish play on No.1 and Centre courts.  I’ve only got Ground tickets today, so will have to join a queue for returns to see if I can get onto one of the show courts – hopefully Centre since Murray is playing later in the day.  If not, there’s always Henman Hill with a Pimms (£7.30 this year!) to soak up the atmosphere.

So, will the weather hold? Much of the UK has been battered by storms and flooding this week, but Wimbledon has carried on and play is pretty much on schedule.  Will Murray win?  Rafa’s out and Federer scraped through to the next round.  Will the day’s play be exciting?  Of course it will. The Ooohs and Aaahs from the crowd as amazing shots are played and the shouts of “come on (insert favourite player)” will liven up the courts amid the sunshine and the showers predicted for the day.

Excited? Me?  Definitely! Now where did I put those tickets ….

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