Fighting back on behalf of ‘Festival Dad’

This week saw the replacement of a 38 year old DJ from BBC Radio 1 for a younger model.  Radio 1 has been the station for hip young things since it started, which is great.  The demographic for radio 1 is defined as 15-29, which is also great, though somewhat arbitrary.  ‘Young people’ should have things which define them, allow them to express themselves and which they can call their own.  Since the invention of the teenager in the 1950’s it has always been thus.  And rightly so.

The article the Scribblaire read stated that one of the reasons for the replacement was to discourage ‘festival dads’ hijacking the station. This refers to those parents of the target audience who will insist on liking the same music as their kids and who go along to one or more of the music festivals that are held throughout the summer.  Embarrassing or what?!

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the reasons for the attempt for the younger generation to want to claim things as their own.  I recall some stand up arguments with my dad about the ‘rubbish’ I listened to and whether it was even music at all. I get it.  Of course I do.  But the reason I get it, like the ‘festival dads’ is because we went through the same thing. It’s difficult to believe, I know, but we are the generations who were brought up on punk, wandered round Glastonbury in the rain in the 80’s, screamed at the Bay City Rollers or David Cassidy in the 70s or even the Beatles in the 60s (Justin Beiber – ha!). We had the Stones, the Who and the Sex Pistols.  We know all about rebellion and expression and all that stuff.

And because of that, it’s very unlikely that we’ll wake up one day with a burning desire to wear crimplene, get a blue rinse and start listening to Wagner.  I still love music as much as I ever did, especially live music.  Why on earth would I stop going to festivals? Especially when the line up usually includes ‘greats’ that are even before my time.  Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Jools Holland, Tom Jones, Paul Simon – they are all appearing in the UK this year.  Not exactly hard core rebellion is it?

So, in conclusion and getting to my point; by all means keep things for yourselves kids. Get yourself ‘inked’, pierced and wear your trousers so your pants show. I don’t care. But don’t even think about claiming music as your own. Get used to seeing ‘festival dad’ (and mum and grandma/grandpa) for a long time to come.

The Scribblaire July 2012

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