The Bucket List

This year sees the Scribblaire’s younger sister hitting a significant milestone which requires a special effort from me and our other sister for her birthday. Rather than buy one gift we are spending her birthday year organising ’50 things’ that she has never done before. This can be absolutely anything at all, from trying a new food or drink to ‘zorbing’ down a hill, clay pigeon shooting, wakeboarding or visiting an art gallery. All of these have been ticked off the list and we are on track to complete the activity before the big day in November. It’s a fun thing to do and means that we three sisters spend time doing stuff together.

When I mention our quest to other people, most of them say ‘oh, like a bucket list’. This has the Scribblaire wondering what would be on my own bucket list. Here’s a few of my thoughts.

  • I’d like to learn to play the guitar properly – I know a few chords but lack the patience to get to a point where I can belt out a real tune
  • Learn Greek – I speak a little Greek but need to get some proper lessons to get me to the point where I can have a proper conversation
  • Visit all the main art galleries of the world, but especially The Hermitage in St Petersberg
  • Travel around the Far East – I’ve been to Hong Kong and Thailand which I loved and want to experience more of the region
  • Drink a really expensive bottle of wine without feeling guilty about the cost
  • Watch a men’s final on Centre Court at Wimbledon
  • Drive an Aston Martin
  • Sail around the Greek islands on a yacht – actually sailing the boat I mean, not just sitting in the sun
  • Write a best selling book – I have written and published a first novel and want to write more and even make some money from writing
  • Ballroom dancing, exploring inland Spain, driving through Italy (again), having an item of clothing made that I have designed myself, the list could go on and on.

I’d better make a start …

The Scribblaire July 2012

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