Sizzling tunes

It was a rare, glorious sunny day in London yesterday and The Scribblaire had no plans or urgent chores.  I dragged the cobweb encrusted fold out sun lounger from the shed, staked out the sunniest spot in the garden and chilled out all day.  What bliss.  Time ticked away slowly.  It felt like being on holiday.

Whilst soaking up the rays I finished the book I was reading, spent a good half hour on the phone to a bezzie mate and plugged myself into my iPod.

What to listen to though?  The Scribblaire has some staple albums or artists that I like to listen to, but none of these were quite what I was looking for.  Scrolling through the list of artists I came across ‘Rock On’ by David Essex and pressed ‘play’.  It’s not something I play very often but when I come across it I have to listen.  It’s unlike most of the poppy tunes that Mr Essex churned out in the 70s and early 80s and just makes me feel good.  So, I set myself a challenge to find 20 songs that had a similar effect on me.  The ‘rules’ (which I made up as I went along if I’m honest) were that I couldn’t select anything too obvious or that I listen to all the time, the songs should reflect the mood I was in and/or they should be evocative in some way. I realise that these are entirely subjective, but hey, they’re my rules.  Without further ado and in no particular order, here’s my random sunny day tunes with You Tube links (sorry about the ads):

There you have it. What would be on your sunny day list?

The Scribblaire

September 2012

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