Like a phoenix from the flames!

It’s been such a busy year at work that the Scribblaire hasn’t been able to devote much time either to doing interesting stuff or writing about it.  But here I am, back again and raring to go. 

Although it has been a quiet time, socially and culturally speaking, there have been a few highlights so far in 2013.

In February The Scribblaire visited Light Show at the Hayward Gallery on the Soutbank.  This was a fascinating and beautiful exhibition with some magical light sculptures.  We had not booked in advance for this exhibition and when we arrived the tickets were sold out.  Not to be defeated, the Scribblaire bought a year’s membership for myself and a guest.  At £75 for the year, this was little more than the price of two tickets and will encourage me to attend more events. 

In June, The Who performed Quadrophenia at the O2, an experience not to be missed, however busy I was.  The show started with the support band ‘Vintage Trouble’, who got the place warmed up.  I’ll be downloading some of their music, a combination of rock, soul and blues.  Check them out on YouTube.   The remaining members of The Who (Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend) gave it their all, despite being old age pensioners.  It was great to see such a wide range of people in the audience.  The continuous trend of mod revivals will make sure they never go out of fashion.

The Moody Blues also performed at the O2, which is not a venue suited to their music or the audience they attract.  The whole top tier of the venue was closed and there were many empty seats. Having said that, the music was great and Justin Hayward’s voice is as beautiful as always.  It was a good sing-along event.  They are performing at the Isle of Wight in early 2014 and the Scribblaire may go along.  A festival would suit them better I think.

Two more notable events have been a relaxing week’s holiday in Cyprus, about which the Scribblaire will write more in a separate blog.  Suffice to say that it was relaxing and interesting.

Last week saw a group of friends attend one of the semi finals of The Sitcom Trials.  The heats of the competition have been held throughout the year, culminating in two events held at The Camden Head pub in Camden High Street.  A friend was performing in two of the short sketches.  The quality of the sketches varied considerably.  A couple of them were cringeworthy, poorly acted and not at all funny.  There were three (of seven) that were good though.  The audience seemed a bit ‘cliquey’ and, judging by the audience participation (whether encouraged or not), full of frustrated comedians.  The winning show will be on at the Edinburgh festival soon. 

The Scribblaire also visited Marlborough to go back to see some of Melissa Cole’s work.  Also exhibiting alongside at the forge was the photographer Mark Somerville.  This was part of the Marlborough Open Studios event.  Perhaps this visit will be the subject of another post.

That’s my summary of the year so far.  The Scribblaire will be out and about with a vengeance for the rest of the year.  Watch this space ….

The Scribblaire

July 2013

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